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Why You Should Join Us

Personal Injury attorneys have been underserved for years when it comes to litigation support services and client satisfaction assistance. This is ground floor....and you, as a ground floor beta group member will play a big part the ELANA Esquire Advantage Network development! Built by attorneys for attorneys!  We will test ideas and programs first....then launch officially later.  Below is a small list of the benefits and features we will explore and experience together...

* No cost....no risk for our beta group.  We don't want your money...we just want your participation and enjoyment of the experience inside of the group. 

* Client Satisfaction programs.  Happy clients! It's not just the end results, it's the journey that you lead for these special people...the total experience!  ELANA will help you build something special for your clients that will pay dividends for you and your firm in ways never experienced before!

* Attorney Protection Package(s).  Special documents, procedures, and recommendations to help protect you and your firm from unforeseen and unanticipated dangers to your practice.

* Litigation Support Services.  Interesting and innovative ways to create special insights and advantages for attorneys in your efforts to best represent your clients.  

* Unparalleled Settlement Planning expertise.  We design, build and manage great settlement solutions for our injured clients.  You WANT this for your clients....you NEED this for your clients!

* ELANA Premier Program.  This is where ELANA Financial steps up and shows our appreciation for you, the referring attorney.  We commit our marketing dollars and support back to those who help make us successful!  

* Fiduciary Standard of Care for Firm and Client engagements.  ELANA embraces the Fiduciary standard of care for our attorney and non-attorney clients.  You act as a fiduciary for your clients....don't you and your clients deserve the same high standards from your Settlement Planners? 

* MSA / lien resolution compliance and reporting.  Let ELANA take care of the details when it comes to public benefits compliance and lien resolution....you focus on the legal matters!

* Firm Deferred Compensation Plan Discounts / Contingency Fee Optimization strategy.  Nobody has taken as deep a dive into attorney contingency fee advantages as ELANA…nobody!  We can develop a personal/customized plan for you!

* Attorney CLE programs.  Depending on state approvals and delivery availability (in-person vs. web deliver).  Most of our programs have ethics credits...we know you love those!!

A Big Thanks

As a thank you to all beta group members that actively participate in the building on the ELANA Esquire Advantage Network you will ALWAYS be treated with the highest level of appreciation and ongoing support from ELANA.  That means inner-circle benefits, pricing discounts and some of those "little extras" for helping to make this dream become a reality.  As an early adopter, we will build something special together!

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